Touch Tone Commands can be entered via VK3RBO Voice Repeater (438.025Mhz)

*01#    Colour Bar and Tone for 10 minutes
*02#    Colour Bar only for 10 minutes
*20#    Local Camera on Specimen Hill 


Currently On Air

Frequency of operation is 446.500Mhz DVB-T Standard Definition QSPK modulation.

Omni directional pattern vertically polarised.

The transmitter runs approx 10 watts.

The input frequency is analogue 1250Mhz FM with a 6.0Mhz sound carrier.

A digital set top box or digital TV capable of manual tuning is required to view this signal.

Excellent pictures can be received in Bendigo on a 70cm whip antenna.

Following is a list of Digital Receivers and STBoxes that can tune to 446.500Mhz

    Aiko STB225 (SD)
    Celestial DVB8800HD
    Compro Videomate PCI TV Tuner Card DVB-T300
    DGTEC DG-FV7200 (HD)
    Digicrystal STD 2500p
    Digital View (SD) JAYCAR Part no XC-4914
    DSE GH5912
    DVX55U Cheap PVR (Set Freq manually as a Channel No 446500 fairly deaf)
    Healing HHT893
    Healing HHT894
    Humax DV-1000T
    NextWave PVR 2690
    RCA TRC 501AU
    Samsung LA19D400 HD Digital TV
    Sanyo TUHD1000 (HD) Manual tune only
    Soniq E16Z11B HD Digital TV
    Strong SRT4990 SD PVR
    Strong SRT5006
    Strong SRT5023x
    Strong SRT5405E (HD)
    Strong SRT5429A (HD PVR)
    Strong SRT5435 (HD dual tuner with 500MB PVR)
    Teac HDR1600T
    Teac SDB451
    Tevion TV-800
    Tevion TV-1202
    Tevion TEV602 (SD)
    Twinhan DTV Alpha
    Wintal PVR-X2
    Wintal PVR-X10A
    Wintal STB-X5
    Wintal STB-14HD

VK3CE Bendigo Victoria Australia