Touch Tone Commands can be entered via VK3RBO Voice Repeater (438.025Mhz)

*01#    Colour Bar and Tone for 10 minutes
*02#    Colour Bar only for 10 minutes
*20#    Local Camera on Specimen Hill 


Currently Off Air

This is a photo of the old analogue ATV transmitter situated on Speciman Hill in Bendigo.

The 2.4Ghz transmission has been turned off. See DATV page for current arrangements.

VK3CE Bendigo Victoria Australia
Austar Gridpack
VK3RBO analogue output shares the 13cm band with WiFi services.

If you are experiencing interference to your received picture a possible cause is local interference from a WiFi ADSL modem. This could be yours or a close neighbours modem.

The above chart shows WiFi channels available in Australia, check your modem settings and make sure you use a WiFi channel at the top of the band away from 2415Mhz