Transmitting high definition television pictures is easier than you might think.

Hides in Taiwan sell a range of ready to go HD DVB-T modulators.

Prices start at around AUS $200 for the basic USB (UT-100 series) device.

Hides also have a model which also incorporates a HD receiver.

Hides web site is at

All of their products are available on their eBay shop and they have prompt delivery to Australia.

If using the Hides USB modulator the simplist way to produce HD pictures is to use either VMix or OBS programs

OBS is freeware and is available in Linux and Windows versions.

VMix have a free version but it is very limited in available sources.

The hides software which comes with their USB modulator can talk to either OBS or VMix.

This makes a complete HD studio with the capability of special effects including green screen, mixing, clock insertion and text to name but a few.

A normal HD web cam attatched to your PC is all that is required for live ATV pictures using this system.

The Hides modulators output apprx 0dBm and will require careful amplification to the desired level of around 3-5 watts.

Mini-Kits in South Australia   sell a number of ready made or kit amplifiers for the task but be aware that linear amplifiers for DATV will only produce around 3-5% of their FM rated power.

The Alternative Approach

If prefer more of the hands on approach a HD DVB-T modulator can be purchased together with a local oscillator and mixed up to the desired frequency. Make sure that any modulator you purchase can stream QPSK at 5Mbits.

I recommend the ClearView TinyMod modulator available from Kristal Electonics in Townsville. They have a range of devices suitable for both the DVB-T and DVB-S aficionados.

Again this arrangment needs to be carefully amplified to the desired output level.

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